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Host a private event

Warmth, artistry and safe is how we approach everything we do at Mai. Whether you opt for our private
dining room or a buyout of Mai, ensuring your event is a thoughtful, personalized experience from start
to finish is our goal.

Located on a separate side of the restaurant, our private dining room for any types of events. From staff
casual lunch meeting, to Christmas party for your team or a wedding celebration, the intimate room is
perfect for both celebrations and business affairs with audio/visual capabilities.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

It depends on the timing as well. From now until Christmas, when the demand is high, we
highly recommend you to book in advance at least a week to secure your dining room.

You can either email us at or call us at 506-3887500. Our dedicate team
member will certainly work with you to book the event

There will be no booking fee. However, a deposit will be required to secure the room. To
ensure the successful of your event, we are always putting extra staff and resource to
prepare the venue ways in advance. Therefore, there will be a penalty for no-show or if the
number of attendees drop under a certain minimum number. 

We are able to plan many different types of events, which cater to your very specific need.
From lunch staff meeting, doctor conference or birthday party. We also offer a wide range of
custom menus to suit your guests. The key to success will always be planning. 

Certainly yes. Our Chef is really good and passionate about cooking and creating. Each Chef
has his/her own style which may suit your special events